The Electrodyne Opera

Welcome to the Realm that is Eidolon. You are about to enter a setting built upon the premise that the principles and laws of story are just as much of a reality as the laws of physics.

Thus, the Electrodyne Opera is the drama of politics, a game of thrones, and a work of blood and thunder. These are the romances and tragedies of noble both exalted and venal. It is competition for dramatic supremacy, to win the hearts and minds of the civilian audience, through adoration, tyranny, but most importantly, notoriety. It is the passion play of figures touched with dreams, destiny, and death; all seeking immortality and apotheosis.

Every noble has a story that lives within them that must be lived and told, and those whose tales are best remembered are those who achieve the greatest heights of power. They become archetypes of narrative, larger in memory than they ever were in life. The merest of nobles command the stagecraft of diplomacy and the statecraft of theatrics. The most sovereign of them have elevated themself to stand amongst a pantheon of noble powers whose intrigues touch every corner of the Realm, and whose spectacle of dramatic interludes are the momst beloved pageant of its people. Their whim and will are said to move heaven and earth itself.

You can download a brief introduction to Eidolon here: Introduction to Eidolon